Non-traditional house purchases

A suspensive sale is not uncommon, but nor is it the most straightforward. The family did find the one niece that the notaire couldn’t. But, there was supposed to be a ninety day window in which the five nieces and nephews could contest the sale, but because math is hard, there was only a sixty day window between signing the documents and the property transfer. The nieces and nephews confirmed in writing that they were not invoking their right of first refusal for this particular sale, but again, a little more stress than I probably needed.

I had a nice little mailbox plaque made up with my name and the owner’s name to keep on the mailbox until January 1, 2018. The house was not completely emptied as it should have been, but the brother of the now former owner did eventually get everything out. I had wanted to move in. And live there. But first I had to get the asbestos out. So that happened in November. And then, a real engineer was coming to do an assessment. So I wasn’t going to move then either. And then I decided that I would wait til the work was done, rather than expose me and the cats to all that dust. But I really wished that I could live there. I was supposed to be.

I suppose that it being my first time buying a home anywhere, let alone Switzerland, meant that I wouldn’t have the process down pat. Or at all. My friends joke and say, for my next house, it will be an amazing process. I’m not living in this house, yet, let’s not move me on to my next too quickly. Especially as the right of first refusal doesn’t expire until May, 2032.


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