Zooplus or how I afford my cats

I have two cats. Beautiful British Blue Shorthairs. I acquired them from Sue Smith at the BeauxChats Cattery in the UK. I love them to bits (they even have their own twitter feed: CosySmooch). They’re five years old now and are true to their breed. Smooch is almost 9kgs, and Cosy is a bit smaller at 7.8kgs. A good friend of mine laughed because soon after the boys arrived as kittens, I commented on how much they ate, and how they were blowing my budget every month. She reminded me that I had wanted large breed cats, did I not think they would bring an appetite with that? I laughed, too, but also groaned. I wanted my cats to have good quality food, so I didn’t want to sacrifice on that. They also needed quantity, which had me schlepping all these sachets and bags and sacks of litter up to the apartment.

I’m a librarian, I can research. So I started looking for online sites for cat supplies, and sure enough, I found zooplus. I tried a couple of other sites that were more local, but zooplus really fit the bill. They use DPD (but now you have to select them as your option) who are happy to have a text permitting them to leave your delivery in front of your apartment door. The food I buy is manufactured in Germany, so I feel like their carbon footprint isn’t totally crazy. They do have an affiliate program, if you’re interested in giving them a try.

I really appreciate that it is one stop shopping for everything from litter to scratch posts, food to fountains and all the accessories in between. The delivery is free and DPD will bring it to your door. Buying on-line, and in relative bulk allows me to save and buy somewhat higher quality food than my budget would initially indicate.



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