And then God laughed and laughed…

The last ten months have passed in fits and starts, alternating between quiet calm and stressful, fraught moments.

The application for planning permission was bounced back almost immediately as there was a conflict between the construction department and the historic sites commission. There were meetings, the dossier was massaged, and resubmitted in mid-November. There were more meetings, letters from neighbors contesting various parts of the project, and still more meetings (mostly with the energy committee and the historic commission).

The dossier was approved with a number of conditions in mid-May. Champagne and celebration? Not quite. The neighbors had thirty days to contest the project or be silent forever. So of course, they contested. As that is still going on, I won’t comment anymore on that, except to ask for your good vibes.

But I should have planning permission at some point in the next month. Financing, well, that’s another blog post…


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