How did I find this precise house?

I had been searching, combing through the various website for months. My budget was on the bottom end of the range, so I knew I would have to be patient. Buying off-plan didn't really enter onto my radar. New builds tend to have very small rooms. I currently live in a beautiful two bedroom, one… Continue reading How did I find this precise house?


Where did I look to find properties on the market?

House buying here does not work like house buying in the US. At least, not in my experience. Here's what happened. I had that great meeting with PostFinance. Buying a place to live would cut my living expenses if I found a place inexpensive enough that I could have an interest only mortgage. And cutting… Continue reading Where did I look to find properties on the market?

So how do the mortgages work?

Keep in mind, this is my understanding of it. Filtered through my non-fluent French. In most places: the US, the UK, Canada, France... your goal when you buy a house is to pay it off and own it. Switzerland is not like that. Because of its tax system. You can own your property completely here,… Continue reading So how do the mortgages work?

Why was I looking for a house

I have lived in Geneva for a long time. Moved into a lovely if over-priced apartment when I arrived, and have been here since. The housing market always seemed way out of reach for me. I'm from NoVa, and even compared to that, the Geneva market is batshit. And the Swiss real estate market operates… Continue reading Why was I looking for a house