The Notaire

I debated about whether I should write about the notaire or the architect first, but I'll go with the notaire as she was much more part of the process. First, how did I find the Notaire? I asked on a regional group on Facebook. This may not have been the best method in retrospect, but… Continue reading The Notaire


A word about my house purchase process

I'll step out of the linear story for a moment to explain a little more about my own process of buying a house, which I believe is by no means typical. But here's hoping I'm only doing it once... I found the properties I wanted to look at by sifting through dozens of websites where… Continue reading A word about my house purchase process

How did I find this precise house?

I had been searching, combing through the various website for months. My budget was on the bottom end of the range, so I knew I would have to be patient. Buying off-plan didn't really enter onto my radar. New builds tend to have very small rooms. I currently live in a beautiful two bedroom, one… Continue reading How did I find this precise house?

Where did I look to find properties on the market?

House buying here does not work like house buying in the US. At least, not in my experience. Here's what happened. I had that great meeting with PostFinance. Buying a place to live would cut my living expenses if I found a place inexpensive enough that I could have an interest only mortgage. And cutting… Continue reading Where did I look to find properties on the market?